King Edward’s School

King Edward's School has been at the heart of Birmingham life for over 400 years. Over the years many famous pupils have stepped through those doors, and out on the road to success, from JRR Tolkien, and Bill Oddie to Enoch Powell.

As part of King Edward's refurbishment programme, Wensley was entrusted with restoring the 17th-century, Pugin entrance doors that many famous alumni have walked through, and modernising the reception area and Head Teacher's office. Delivering outstanding results means understanding every stage of the process, especially when you have limited time, multiple stakeholders and a 400-year-old door to restore!

By combining modern techniques with good old-fashioned knowledge and craftsmanship, the doors were restored to the highest standard. Working hand in hand with multiple Heads of Departments the project was completed within budget, and within the planned two-week schedule. Work included full decorations, new lighting, French polishing to timber finishes and the installation of new flooring.

Wensley's planning team’s vast knowledge and capabilities ensured success.

Wensley's partnership with King Edward’s School continues to grow, and Wensley's experience of caring for the past, while preparing for the future, made Wensley a perfect fit for the job.

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